Monday, November 15, 2010

Stuck in the Suburbs

Like many former country dwellers, I find myself living in the 'burbs.  While I must confess to enjoying the dilemma presented by 23 possible restaurants for Chinese food delivery, I am deeply out of my element here. 

We actually co-own (with some of my in-laws) country property in another state, and I have evil designs on it.  I am secretly planning huge gardens, fruit trees, blueberry bushes, etc.  I dream of the cow I will have (finally!) and donkeys. Maybe goats. Or, maybe not.  I would like to grow as much of our food as I can and indulge in endless orgies of home canning. Ah, the dreams and plans I have.  The stars are visible there at night. They don't have air quality alerts.  Most of the sounds you hear are from animals and leaves and water. Man made sounds there, like distant chainsaws, or hammers, or our windmill squeaking fall more softly on my ears than the constant noise here. 

The problem is that there are no jobs there, and I mean none.  So, for now at least, I am stuck here in the sterile suburbs, listening to basketballs on driveways, sirens, helicopters, traffic, and my neighbors two houses down who feel like they must have their arguments in their front yard instead of in private like the rest of us.

Do you live in an environment in which you don't feel at home?


  1. Hello Grace. I discovered you as a recent new follower to my blog and wanted to come pay a visit. I can so related to this post. I've followed a similar path, and before we bought the 5 acres we have now, spent 3 years cooped up in a small urban apartment. What a blessing that you at least have some country property, but how frustrating that you can't be there. Still, there's hope!

  2. Thanks, Leigh. It is kind of frustrating because it is so close but just beyond my grasp. I'm hoping to spend every other weekend there, at least, this year. We'll see how that works out. I'm looking forward to the journey and all I need to learn.

    Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate you becoming my first follower.