Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cold Weather Food Coming Right Up!

Actually I think it's supposed to be in the 60s today, but I am still craving cold weather food. Here are a few of the things I plan to make this week:

Tonight I am going to do a crazy casserole based on scalloped potatoes, but with cabbage, cheese, and ham added in. I just hate to throw food away and I have a cabbage and some potatoes that need to be used up pretty soon.  Not to mention that my freezer is so full I can't get anything else in it, so a bag of ham chunks would make some welcome space. I have a lot of cheese I bought for recipes I didn't make, so some of that is going in, too.

It is definitely time for another round of chili and cornbread.

Soup!  I want to make at least two huge pots of soup, with lots of leftovers to can.  I'm thinking ham and bean soup and chicken vegetable.  I still have two or three quarts of soup adapted from Bernice and Paul Nolls' recipe for Beef Vegetable in the pantry. I didn't use the cauliflower, and next time I will cut way back on the potatoes, but this was pretty tasty soup.  Have you visited their website?  I just love them to pieces.  They were among the first of my canning heroes and have inspired many a jar of homemade goodness.

This weekend I want to make large quantities of stock and get that canned up.  I have lots of odds and ends in the freezer and I plan to make a run to the butcher shop for beef soup bones and a chicken or three.

That ought to hold me for a while.  What's cooking in your kitchen?